Curries & From The Wok


All dishes come with choices of rice

Gang Phed (GF) ••

Thai red curry with Thai aubergines, beans, courgettes & Thai sweet basil.

Panaeng (GF)••

Thick red curry flavoured with fresh chillies and lime leaves in a spicy thick panaeng curry paste with coconut milk.

Gang Keaw Wan (GF)•••

Thailand famous green curry with Thai aubergines, beans, courgettes & Thai sweet basil.

Rad Prik ••

Crispy stir fried with red onion, carrots, spring onion and Thai style three flavours sauce.

Pad Kee Mow •••

Wok fried garlic and chilli with beans, baby corn, mushroom and Thai Holy basil.

Pad Tom Yum Hang •••

Stir-fried with Tom Yum paste and herbs, chilli, onion, tomatoes, spring onion and mushroom.

Pad King

Stir-fried with ginger, chilli, onion, mushroom and soy bean paste.

Pad Narm Prik Phow •••

Chilli in oil paste fried with onion, chilli, baby corn, mushroom and thai basil.

Pad Roasted Cashew Nuts (N)

With bell peppers, mushroom, onion and dried chilli.

Pad Gratiem Prik Tai

Stir-fried garlic with peppers and coriander.

Pad Prik King •••

Thick stir-fried with red curry paste, fresh chilli, lime leaves and long beans.

Pad Phed •••

Stir fried garlic, chilli, bean, aubergine,, lime leaves and Thai sweet basil in creamy chilli paste.


Available with a choice of:


Chicken, Beef or Crispy Belly Pork


King Prawn or Mixed Seafood


Roasted Duck


Sea Bass


Vegetable and Tofu